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Please Walk In!
Each human being has different feet, and not two of them are alike.
At ALKA it is our aim to find the best fitting shoes for yours.
As soon as you enter one of our shops our staff, trained in the art of shoe-fitting and
orthopedic techniques, will take care of you. First we will check the health of your feet.
And then we will fit you with shoes that are not only beautiful to the eye,
but also so kind to your foot you will soon forget that you are wearing them at all. And that's how it should be.
If you require so, we can further adjust your shoes, or fit them with insoles according to your necessities.
Among Japanese shoe shops, ALKA sure makes a difference. Maybe more than any European shoe shop does.
   Shoe and Foot Check(free of charge)

Four reasons why ALKA will find you shoes that are a perfect match.

Foot Check
01 Foot Check Photo

First we take
an imprint of your foot,
measure it and
confirm its health
01 Photo

01 Photo
02 Fitting Photo

You tell us what you have
in mind and our staff,
trained in orthopedics,
will find the shoe
that fits you.
02 Photo

02 Photo
Gait Check
03 Gait Check Photo

Now you walk,
and we will see
that the fitting
is to a T.
03 Photo

03 Photo
Final Check
04 Final Check Photo

No pinch? No pain?
If need be we will further
adjust the shoes to
make your walk a
pleasant one.
04 Photo

04 Photo

ALKA-Ready to check your shoes and the health of you feet
at one of our shops near you.
Please enquire in detail at: